We are the first production company in Hollywood to accept bitcoin.

Press Release for October 19, 2013:
We are the first production company in Hollywood to accept bitcoin. And it’s easier than ever!

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve, especially in production. We like to stay innovators, so now you can pay from anywhere in the world, instantly and safely, with bitcoin.

Receive a 5% discount on your bill when you choose bitcoin.
We would like to reward our customers to choose bitcoin, so we are offering a promotion 5% discount off your entire bill if you use the payment method. Ask us about it before you check out.

Bitcoin is here to stay.
We started using bitcoin in 2012 after meeting some savvy programmers that accepted the currency. Since than it has exploded on a global scale. We had the chance to go to the Silicon Valley 2013 Bitcoin Conference and met 1,000s of entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.  This was even more inspiration, so now we are the first production house in LA (and possibly the world) to accept it.

For the current bitcoin users, you may want to skim past this, but for new users here is an overview of the benefits of this payment.

Bitcoin has several advantages over other internet payments. 
Our favorite advantages are:
1. No wire fees, no paypal fees, or hidden charges.
2. No 3-4 day waits for ACH. The bitcoin transaction takes seconds to minutes.
3. No 3-5% credit card fees or APIs on the site.
• Visit our site to see the full list: http://soundationproductions.com/payment.html

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please contact us and visit SoundationProductions.com

Soundation Productions films Hookbuzz “Diving Deep Episode #1: The Avalon Wreck Dive”

This is a sample of our filming, lighting, and editing work.  We produced this piece for our friends and client Hookbuzz.com, which is a fishing, tackle, and dive gear company based out of Hermosa Beach California. 

We combined some amazing underwater dives with studio interviews of the dive team.

You can also check out their channel at www.youtube.com/user/Hookbuzz

Stay tuned for the next episode!

For more samples of our work or to inquire about production please visit http://www.soundationproductions.com or email John @ soundationproductions.com