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This is one of my favorite sites to keep up with the modern motion graphics being created out there. Click the link to view Motion Graphics Served:

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Maxon’s Cinema 4D Version 13 – Live Review

Cinema 4D’s new software version 13 looks incredible. I’ve been using it since version 10, and I always get excited when I hear about the new features that simplify the 3D creation process. The depth of field and motion blur improvements look really fantastic, along with the new Physical Render Engine.

Yes I am blogging about another blog, below is a link to a great Cinema 4d version 13 demo video I found on Grey Scale Gorillas blog:

Grey Scale Gorilla C4D v13 Demo Video:

Motion Graphics Cinema 4D Resources

I wanted to share my recent Cinema 4D resource sites with everyone out there.  Grey Scale Gorilla is always on the cutting edge and demos the new software usually before it comes out.  These sites contain some great news on the industry and tutorials.  Enjoy!